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For Parents

As you consider the many options available for your student’s education, study abroad—with its deep engagement with other cultures—has the potential to be among the most personally rewarding and eye-opening experience of their academic career. St. John’s has a variety of programs to choose from, all of which are dedicated to providing excellent academics and cultural integration in an environment that prioritizes student safety and success.

We are here to help your students decide which program is best for their curriculum, and to help prepare them as they get ready to go. But as we work with them before departure, we emphasize one value in particular: personal responsibility. It’s our firmest belief that students who engage fully in the process, attending pre-departure sessions and meeting requirements by deadline, will have an easier time with the transition to another country. We are dedicated to helping them throughout and look forward to our time with your students—both in New York and abroad—and we also encourage you to support your students by learning about our requirements by visiting our Accepted Student page (under For Students). You can be an effective advocate and offer a gentle “nudge” from time to time to help keep them on track for their successful experience living in a different country. We promise that their experience will be all the better for it!

One special note: when your student returns, s/he will join an elite group—currently, only about 10% of college graduates have studied abroad. By taking advantage of an OIE program, St. John's students acquire a truly competitive advantage in today’s increasingly global marketplace.

We strongly encourage you to read through our TIps and FAQs, which provides additional advice aimed specifically at preparing for your student’s time abroad. For example, did you know that you, too, should have a valid passport in advance of your student’s travel? 

We look forward to welcoming you and your student to our OIE family and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.


The OIE Team