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Global Internships in Europe

St. John’s is proud to offer a broad range of global internship opportunities during our semester and summer programs in Paris and Rome, as well as VIRTUAL internships starting in Spring 2021

In the past several years, dozens of students have enrolled in an international internship for academic credit, gaining invaluable global work experience in a broad range of career interests and academic disciplines. Interested students may expect to hold positions in government offices, local universities, schools, private companies, start-ups, hotels and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Students in the international internship program will work under the direct guidance of a supervisor from the sponsoring organization as well as a Faculty Coordinator from St. John's and the Office of Career Services.  The local supervisor may ask to visit the student at the job site at the convenience of the sponsoring organization and will complete an evaluation form at the end of the internship.  The Faculty Coordinators will contact students within one week of arrival to discuss progress, and will also maintain contact with the interns’ on-site supervisors in order tor ensure the quality of the experience.

Please note:  Advanced intermediate competency in French or Italian is required for job placement abroad. Though not all work may be conducted in French or Italian, candidates must pass an interview in French or Italian and be able to handle day-to-day communications in the target language.  All international internships are unpaid and for academic credit only. 

For detailed instructions as well as the course syllabus, please read the information below.  If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the application process, please contact us for assistance. 
Application Deadlines
Fall Semester: May 1
Spring Semester: October 15
Summer Session: March 15

Eligibility Requirements: Students must have Junior status or higher, with intermediate language skills in French or Italian, along with approval from the Internship Faculty Coordinator and your Academic Dean.

For Fall and Spring, internships are available as part of the following programs:
  • Discover Italy: Rome
  • DIscover Italy: Education
  • Discover Italy: Psychology
  • Discover France: Paris
  • Discover France: Bio/Chem
For in-person internship in Summer:
  • Summer Session I in Paris
  • Summer Session I in Rome
  • Summer Session II in Paris
  • Summer Session II in Rome
For virtual internships:
  • Virtual Global Internship in Paris
  • Virtual Global Internship in Rome

Students may choose between a 3- or 6-credit intern internship under the advisement of the Department of Languages and Literature and their Academic Dean/Advisor.  Students may also discuss academic internships with their academic advisor or chair for credit within their major course course offerings, which may carry different requirements.

Six-Credit International Internship (Semester in Rome, or Summer in Paris or Rome): FRE/ITA 4980A
The six-credit international internship will last for the entirety of your semester program, spanning all 15 weeks, or over the course of both summer sessions in Paris or Rome (Summer Session I and II). 

Time Commitment: 270 hours

Note for semester students: You must be enrolled in one other in-person course in Europe and may need to take online classes in order to satisfy the time requirements of the international internship while maintaining full-time status (12 credits per semester). In addition, please note that you can be registered for no more than two additional courses and must ensure that your class schedule allows the appropriate amount of time for travel and work.

Three-Credit International Internship (Semester in Paris, or Summer in Paris or Rome): FRE/ITA 4980A

Time Commitments: 135 hours

Academic Expectations: Students n FRE/ITA 4980A will be graded on a combination of written work, hours completed and supervisor evaluations throughout the semester.

  • Journal Assignment 
    • Students are required to maintain a daily journal, written in the target language which should include: 
      • A record of the dates and times of each work period 
      • A record of assignments and pertinent details of each work period 
      • Examples of pertinent material collected during the internship 
      • An ongoing assessment of their learning experience 
  • Final Paper
    • Students must complete a final reflection paper on the internship experience, written in the target language (4-5 pages). 
  • Complete Required Hours
    • Successful completion of required hours at the internship site: 270 hours for a 6-credit internship, or 135 hours for a 3-credit internship.

The Faculty Coordinator, in consultation with the on-site supervisor, will determine the final grade. Grades are determined according to the following breakdown:

  • Work Performance: 50% 
  • Daily Journal: 20% 
  • Final Reflection Paper: 30%

Apart from the internship options coordinated through the Department of Languages and Literatures, St. John's offers major-specific internship opportunities.

  • The Discover Italy: Education program offers fieldwork study in Roman schools for the following courses in the spring semester.  
    • EDU 1003: Organizational Strategies and Classroom Environment (1-6)
    • EDU 1053: Organizational Strategies and Classroom Environment (7-12)
        For more information, please visit our Discover Italy: Education program page
  • The Discover Italy: Psychology program offers internship placement for the following course in the fall semester.
    • PSY 4903: International Internship in Psychology
        For more information, please visit our Discover Italy: Psychology program page.

Students in other majors may also be able to arrange an online or in-person internship with approval from their academic advisor and department. Please consult your department or advising dean to see if such opportunities are available.


"I was already elated to have the opportunity to study abroad in Paris for the entire spring semester of 2019.  However, being able to take part in an internship working alongside the American Federal government onsite was the metaphorical icing on the cake.  With the collaboration of the GLCC and Dr. Petropoulou’s mentorship, I was able to perfectly tailor my resume and letter of intend to the internships I was applying for.  My internship site, a quaint suburb just outside of metropolitan Paris known as Suresnes, was a mere train ride away from the campus. The internship experience allowed me to utilize the knowledge and competencies I had acquired from both my major in Government and Politics and my minor in French and prepare for future careers.  The staff I worked with in Paris was so accommodating, even sending me daily articles in French to improve my vocabulary skills.  My last day, they sent me off with trinkets and gifts, including my favorite French pastry, la tropezienne.  I still keep in touch with them via email even now and made valuable connections!  I am grateful to the French department for facilitating my participation in this experience.  I will always look back on Spring 2019 with a sense of fondness and nostalgia.  -Alexa Jean-Baptiste, Major: Government and Politics.  Minor: French. Class of 2020

“After studying abroad for a semester in Paris that deepened my appreciation for the city and culture, I knew I had to return for a summer internship.  As a double major in French and Public Relations, this was the experience I needed to fine-tune my French and increase my international business competencies.  By working with the Office of International Education, the GLCC and the French department at St. John’s University, I was able to prepare for the interview process, obtain an internship in my field and find a host family to stay with throughout the summer.  The process began as an interview with Dr. Petropoulou and then an interview with a company, and shortly after I landed a marketing internship with Ideta, a small technological start-up that creates artificially intelligent voice and chatbots.  While each day differed, my main tasks consisted of creating an eye-catching advertisement video for international prospects, designing graphics and writing articles in English and French for LinkedIn, and ensuring localization of marketing materials. Not only did I gain valuable work experience, but I learned important cultural competencies that helped me flourish within and outside of the workplace.  Making things all the better, I was placed with a group of individuals that were as eager to teach as they were to learn from me.  Looking back on my experiences, this internship prepared me to stride into my career with a new level of confidence and an elevated understanding of global business practices.  I look forward to applying this knowledge and experience to my career as I grow as a public relations professional.”- Gabrielle Lescarbeau, Majors:  Public Relations and French Language and Literature.  Class of 2020

"As a double major in Speech-Language Pathology and Italian, I never thought going abroad would even be possible. Through Global Studies at St John’s University, I was given the incredible opportunity of  being immersed in Italian language and culture while learning and experiencing speech therapy practice in Italy. The Global Studies program allowed me to intern with a speech therapist in an elementary school in Rome. Not only did I significantly improve my Italian but I learned so much about the Italian education system and how therapy strategies greatly vary from country to country. The application for interning abroad through St. Johns was fairly simple and Dr. Annalisa Sacca was so incredibly helpful and kind in meeting with me and placing me in an internship directly related to both my major and my interests. The staff at the elementary school in Rome were unbelievably welcoming, and working with the children was always the highlight of my week!  I will never forget my experience in Rome as it has certainly shaped me into the person I am today. It has positively impacted my life and my academic career at St. John's, where I am currently doing research with Dr. Peggy Jacobson on the speech of bilingual children, with the hope to study language acquisition in bilingual Italians." - Paige Brigham, Majors: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Italian.  Minor: International Studies.  Class of 2019

"Wanting to obtain the most out of my experience abroad, I knew that participating in an internship would be the pinnacle of my academic tenure in France. As a double major in both Government & Politics and French Language and Literature, I was able to obtain an internship that provided me with the opportunity to receive credits towards both of my major requirements. Being placed at the prestigious diplomatic organization called France-Amériques off of the infamous Champs-Elysées in the heart of Paris, this internship far exceeded all of my expectations. Constantly working in a French-speaking governmental environment challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in order to carry out the everyday work functions which used to come so naturally to me in an American, English-speaking context. Throughout my internship, while I had the amazing opportunity of meeting ambassadors from across the globe as well as the Governor of Alabama by chance, I am most grateful for the knowledge I obtained in regard to the formalities and etiquette used in French culture that I would have never learned if I had not pursued this international experience. Thanks to this internship and the great faculty at St. John’s University, I will now be viewed as an adaptable and conscious global citizen in the eyes of future employers I will encounter. After I finish my degree at St. John’s, I look forward to the numerous opportunities in store for me in the field of international relations and diplomacy all thanks to priceless experience I had at France-Amériques and in France in general."- Sean O'Gorman, Majors: Government and Politics and French Literature and Language. Class of 2019