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Global Passport

How can $500 bring you the world? Introducing St. John’s Global Passport Program!

At St. John’s University, we push the envelope in order to help our students achieve a truly global education, right from day one.

The Global Passport program offers incoming students a chance to “internationalize” their academic experience from their very first days at St. John’s. Through the Global Passport program, you’ll fulfill one of your first-year core requirements in a completely innovative & comparative way, while studying with top professors who will incorporate the historic and cultural treasures of Rome and Paris into their New York courses in order to bring the curriculum alive.

Best of all, St. John's wants this opportunity to be affordable to all new freshmen and transfer students, and so we subsidize the Global Passport program to keep the student program fee at just $500, plus the cost of round-trip airfare.

Want to 'see' a previous Global Passport student's experience in the world's "Eternal City"? Check out her video!

So how does it work?

The Core Curriculum—in New York & Abroad. You’ll apply to take a core class that interests you (as you would normally), and the bulk of your course will take place in New York during the regular fall or spring semester. However, your class in NYC will be different from sections that your peers may be taking, engaging the world through comparative readings and projects that prepare for your time in Europe. At the conclusion of the term—in either January or May—you will live and study in Rome or Paris for 7 days with the same students and faculty, bringing your semester’s work to life through hands-on exploration of the sites and themes that you'd engaged all term. You’ll also receive an additional credit to represent your hard work while abroad.

Please review the accordions below for information on the program’s core courses, dates of travel, class descriptions, and details on which of our SJU European campuses—Rome or Paris—each class will engage.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines:

  • Fall 2019 programs: August 14, 2019
  • Spring 2020 program: September 10, 2019

Program Fee: $500* (No, really… it’s only $500!)

*NOTE: Round-trip airfare is not included in the program fee. Most students will NOT pay additional tuition for the Global Passport program as it is already included in the cost of normal semester tuition. However, in the event that a student registers for more than 18 credits during the semester, additional tuition fees will apply.

What's Included?

  • On-campus accommodations in Rome or Paris, welcome and “farewell” meals (among others), airport pickup/drop-off in Europe, metro passes, guided tours, entrance fees, and most importantly ... the academic experience of a lifetime!!

Through your academic study, guided tours and community service, you become a global citizen – a citizen not only of our New York City campuses, but of the world.

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