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Academic Calendar for Discover France Programs

Fall 2019 Academic Calendar for all Discover France Programs

August 20 (T) Arrival in Rome (Housing Unavailable Before 8/20)
August 21 (W) - 23 (F) Mandatory Orientation
August 25 (Su) Free Day
August 26 (M) Semester Abroad, Half-Semester and Module 1 Classes begin
August 28 (W) Module 1 course Add/Drop deadline
August 30 (F) Semester Abroad course add/drop deadline (including FRE 1010C)
September 4 (W) Online Courses Begin
September 6-7 (F-S) Tentative Brittany Weekend Trip
September 10 (T) Module 1 courses Withdraw/Pass-fail Deadline. Online course add/drop deadline.
September 18 (W) Withdraw/pass-fail deadline for FRE 1010C (CRN)
September 24 (T) Last day to drop an Online Course with Dean’s Approval, without a transcript notation 
September 25 (W) Module 1 Classes End - Online course WD period begins
September 30 (M) Module 2 courses Begin
October 2 (W) Module 2 course Add/Drop deadline
October 15 (T) MANDATORY Cultural Mentoring Program - Module 2 courses Withdraw/Pass-fail Deadline & FRE 1010C ends (CRN) ends
October 17 (Th) FRE 1020C Course begins
October 18-21 (F-M) Tentative Provence Excursion
October 19 (S) - October 27 (Su) Mid-Semester Break (No Classes)
October 28 (M) Classes Resume
October 29 (T) Semester courses Withdraw/Pass-fail Deadline
October 30 (W) Add/drop Deadline for FRE 1020C (CRN)
November 6 (W) Module 2 courses end
November 8 (F) Last day to WD or apply for Pass/Fail option for Online courses
November 11 (M) No Class (Armistice Day) - Module 3 courses begin
November 12 (T) MANDATORY Cultural Mentoring Program
November 13 (W) Module 3 course Add/Drop deadline
November 15 (F) Class (Make-Up for Armistice Day)
November 18 (M) Withdraw/pass-fail Deadline for FRE 1020C (CRN)
November 22 (F) Class (Make-up for Thanksgiving)
November 26 (T) Module 3 courses withdraw/pass-fail deadline
November 28 (Th) No Class - Thanksgiving
December 12 (Th) Semester Abroad Classes End
December 13 (F) End of Program (Must Vacate Residence by 8 a.m.)
December 18 (W)  Online and NY-based courses end

Spring 2020 Academic Calendar for Discover France: Paris

January 14 (T) Arrival in First City (Housing Unavailable Before 1/14. Must arrive at the residence by 8 p.m.)
January 15 (W) - 17 (F) Mandatory Orientation
January 19 (Su) Free Day
January 20 (M) Classes Begin
January 22 (W) Last Day to Add/Drop Modular Class
January 31 (F) Last Day to Add/Drop Semester Class
January 31 (F) - February 1 (S) Tentative Strasbourg Weekend Trip
February 26 (W) Last Day to Add/Drop Modular Class
April 1 (W) Last Day to Add/Drop Modular Class
April 10 (F) - 13 (M) Tentative Provence Excursion
April 10 (F) - April 19 (Su)

Easter Break (No Classes)

April 20 (M)

Classes Resume

May 7 (Th)

Module 3 Classes End

May 8 (F)

End of Program (Must Vacate Residence by 8 a.m.)