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Returning Home

So your plane has touched ground on U.S. soil, and all you can think of is the day you landed on foreign ground.  Your global journey does not end here!  Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities to keep your study abroad experience alive!

Global Ambassadors
The Global Studies Student Ambassador Program is an exciting leadership program designed to give Study Abroad alumni the chance to share their experiences with the St. John's community as well as those students who are considering a study abroad program. 

Global Ambassadors serve as liaisons to the student population to keep them informed of Study Abroad events on campus through various Global Studies information sessions, table days, etc. The program will also offer Ambassadors the chance to pitch and sponsor Global Studies events. 

The benefits of the program are two-fold: 1) Global Ambassadors are granted the rewarding opportunity to help guide students toward a life-changing Study Abroad experience. 2) Global Ambassadors are given the platform to hone their public speaking and interpersonal communication skills that serve as invaluable résumé boosters. 

To become a Global Ambassador, complete the application here.
For more information, please contact

Employment Opportunities    
The Office of Global Studies may be looking for you!  If you have completed a Global Studies program and are interested in joining our Peer Advisor team, please contact the Office of Global Studies!

The Student Guide 
We would love to hear about your experiences.  If you have pictures or wisdom to add you too can be featured in the Student Guide.

Get Involved!
Global Studies is constantly hosting and promoting events in a global context. Stay on the look out for Global Studies events throughout the year!

Study Abroad...Again! 
Remember, your first international education program does NOT need to be your last.  St. John's University is constantly offering new and exciting summer, winter, and semester programs for a variety of majors.  One student actually participated in six programs during her four years as an Undergrad, can you beat that?  Make sure to check out our programs page for information on our latest study abroad programs!