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Faculty FAQs

How am I compensated?

As part of the budgeting process for all faculty-directed programs, faculty will meet with the Director of Global Studies and the Manager of Global Financial Affairs as a first step to discuss compensation and expenses.

How many students are needed for each course?

The target enrollment for all faculty-directed programs is 10 students.  The recruitment goal will be for 12 students, understanding that a few may withdraw after they've confirmed.

When will I know whether or not my program is running?

The Office of International Education will contact you first to let you know that your program has been given the green light, typically 8-10 weeks before departure or sooner, depending on the number of confirmed students.

If your program does not reach the enrollment goal, it runs the risk of being postponed. Our office will work with you to make any decisions regarding program postponement.

What is the site-specific orientation?

This pre-departure orientation is meant to be led by the faculty director(s) once the program is greenlighted and about 4-6 weeks prior to departure. The orientation gives you the opportunity to meet your students, go over your academic expectations, discuss the details of your program, and distribute materials for your course.  The OIE can schedule the orientation and help secure a location, if needed, though we recommend hosting the orientation in your home department.  A representative from the OIE will also be present to answer questions of a more general nature.

I have directed programs abroad in the past.  Do I still need to submit a proposal form?

Yes, faculty-directed programs must receive annual approval of the departmental chair and college dean, through the submission of a proposal form, an updated syllabus, a program itinerary, and a proposed budget.
What if I have an emergency abroad?

The chance of an emergency occurring during your program is thankfully rare, but rest assured that you will not be alone if a situation does arise. OIE has someone on-call at all times!  The university has protocols in place that are designed for a range emergency situations and we can assist in connecting you to the proper resources both on campus and abroad. 

Are all of my expenses covered while I am abroad?

The Office of International Education will cover the costs of your airfare, accommodations, meals, local transportation, international cell phone plan up to $50, international health insurance and site entrance fees. Please be mindful of keeping all receipts for all of your expenses abroad in order to be reimbursed. To help keep you organized, Concur offers a smartphone app to help keep track of your daily expenses.. Once your faculty-directed program is complete, you must submit a Travel & Expense Report through Concur within 30 days.

Are students from other colleges and universities eligible to participate in my program?

Definitely!  We always welcome visiting students on our summer and winter programs and work with several partner institutions nationally.  You may also wish to promote your faculty-directed program to colleagues and departments at other universities where you have contacts or participate in listservs.